Budtender Games 9 2

THC Design recently hosted a “Budlympics” event for Southern California budtenders. The event was held at Paramour speakeasy in Downtown Los Angeles.

Budtenders were treated to Pabst Labs cannabis infused selzter, chicken & waffles, games and flower. There was even a weed claw machine for all the budtenders to enjoy and play with.

Budtenders sampled two new THC Design cultivars – Unicornz and Confidential OG. Unicornz is a Sativa‑dominant cross of Unicorn Poop x (Pineapple Pezz x Project 4516). With δ‑Limonene, β‑Caryophyllene, and β‑Myrcene among its primary terps, it has strong notes of pineapple and cherries with a slight bubblegum finish. This is a great choice for sufferers of depression, anxiety, and inflammation.

Confidential OG is an Indica-dominant cross of LA Confidential x OG Bubba Kush. With δ‑Limonene, β‑Caryophyllene, and Linalool as its dominant terpenes, it has notes of citrus and pine with a dank, skunky, gassy finish that is classic Kush. With potency levels between 30-36% THC, this is a suitable choice for sufferers of anxiety, depression, inflammation, and acute pain.

After everyone enjoyed the flower and food & drinks, the games began! The first game the budtenders played was “Pronounce The Terpene” where budtenders had to correctly pronounce common terpenes.

The next game was the one-handed joint rolling contest where a pair of budtenders could each only use one hand to roll a joint, and had to work as a team to roll the perfect joint.

The final game was Toke Taboo where budtenders had to act out certain words, similar to charades. All the winners went home with THC Design premium cannabis.

We look forward to many Budlympics events across California in the future. To sign up to be on the invite list please visit https://thcdesign.com/budtenders/.