Labor Day With Puff Dao

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THC Design recently sponsored Puff Dao’s Labor Day beach party. Puff Dao, created by Ashlee Belzo and Alex Engle is a cannabis DAO dedicated to collectively building and launching a cannabis brand as a community. They use membership NFTs give access to governance, exclusive events and rewards.

THC Design supplied guests with XJ‑13 pre-rolls for the event. XJ‑13 is the classic cultivar that built THC Design, and is now available in a unique limited edition box. A cross of Jack Herer and G‑13 Haze, XJ‑13 is the rare sativa that balances high levels of THC with Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, and Ocimene terpenes, making it a great choice for daytime productivity without the raciness that is found in a lot of sativa‑leaning cultivars. Our latest harvest might be the best we’ve ever had. Dense, bright green buds that sparkle with trichomes.

Thank you to Puff Dao for the good time!