While our packaging has evolved,
one thing remains the same

our commitment to bringing you the highest
quality premium flower on the market. 

Premium Cannabis Flower

Over the past two years, THC Design has had a slight identity crisis.

In 2021, we made the shift to more sustainable packaging in an attempt to be a “better” company, a huge gamble for us which did not have the desired effect. We could not afford loss of revenue while incurring higher fees at the same time.

We were faced with a decision – switch to mylar bags or our original “OG” packaging. We have never thought that mylar bags are the right vessel for premium cannabis. Would you want your fine wine or whisky in a bag?

Signature Cultivar Packaging

Therefore, all of our signature cultivars will now reside in the glass OG jars with THC Design’s signature purple lid, only now in a box. Why a box? Light highly degrades cannabis.

Limited Edition Cultivar Packaging

 All of our limited drops and special cultivars will now reside in the Sustainable Jar which is made from silica (glass), one of the most abundant materials on earth with an environmentally-friendly bamboo lid and recycled cardboard box.

Estate Eights

Our Prepackaged
Cannabis Flower Jars

Thank you for taking this ride with us and we look forward to many continued adventures together.