THC Design Celebrates Soulja Boy’s Birthday

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THC Design was recently a sponsor at Soulja Boy’s 32nd birthday. The event took place at a swanky mansion in the Hollywood Hills and was attended by celebrities such as French Montana and Tai Savet.

Guests were treated to ice sculptures, champagne and scrumptious bites. At the end of the night the crowd sang happy birthday and there were performances by Katie Welch, violinist Zac Klejan and Soulja Boy himself. Soulja Boy and French Montana then judged a birthday‑themed twerking contest.

At the end of the night VIP guests received purple THC Design gift bags. The gift bags were filled with a green THC Design coaster, a purple coaster, a hemp wick, terpene guide booklet, rolling papers, THC Design socks and 1/8th of Crescendo.

Crescendo Strain is a Sativa‑dominant hybrid that lives up to its soaring name. THC Design’s unique pheno of Crescendo comes from the winning seed of a batch bred by Ethos Genetics from Denver, Colorado. Featuring the combined powers of a Chem Dawg strain, I‑95 strain, and Mandarin Cookies cross, the Crescendo strain has a very mellow and smooth smoke. The flavor comes straight from its Chem Dawg heritage, with a strong taste of diesel and earth, and a hint of citrus.The average THC level of 30-35% sounds heavier than it hits: the strong Sativa lean makes this a suitable morning or daytime smoke. The cerebral effect is pronounced, with a hazy and uplifting trip into the clouds that is mentally active, but not overly intoxicating.

Thank you to Soulja Boy and Black Cannabis Magazine for having us! To read more about the event check out The Blast and Ceng News.