THC Design’s Log Cabin Named Top Social Strain Of The Summer By Uproxx

THC Design’s Log Cabin cultivar was recently featured in an article entitled “The Very Best Weed Strains For A Social Summer Spent Outdoors” by Lindsay Maharry on Log Cabin is a Sativa-dom cross of Lemon OGKB x Biker Kush and bred by Sacramento’s own Phinest Cannabis. This cultivar has the sweet citrus flavor of a lemon‑lime 7‑UP with strong overtones of diesel and pine. Coming in at more than 30% THC, and featuring β‑Myrcene, β‑Caryophyllene, and δ‑Limonene as its dominant terpenes.

THC Design is a fantastic indoor cultivator that has been growing top-quality flower long before it was legal to do so. In the weed world, that means they’re legit as fuck, which is proven through their long line of hit-making cultivars. Their newest offering, Log Cabin, is no exception.

Log Cabin has super high THC, coming in at 34%, but its mellow terpene profile (led by myrcene and caryophyllene) balances out to a hyphy little high that isn’t at all overwhelming.

This flower has a really beautiful nose that continues to unfurl from spice to lemons to tart fruit and pine. The nugs are visually stunning, navy blue and bright orange on the outside, with lots of lime green. Like the smell, its flavor is tart-like lemons and dark fruit with a spicy, earthy finish. Deep forest vibes.

This is a cozy and relaxed yet upbeat high that is perfect for a dinner party or chill, intimate gathering. It’s mentally stimulating and physically exciting, but overall doesn’t make you want to hit the ground running. So much is happening with the mental high and the body euphoria that you find yourself totally content with whatever situation you find yourself in. This is a super social strain because it makes you think deeply and want to talk about it, making it great for hanging out.

Bottom line: “Perfect for when it’s too hot to hit the hiking trails or for dinner parties at sunset.”

To read the entire article please visit HERE.

Thank you to Lindsay MaHarry and Uproxx!