Shirley’s Temple Taste Testing Event

Shirleys Temple 25 1 200x300

THC Design has partnered with host, journalist, podcaster and influencer Shirley Ju on a collab cultivar called Shirley’s Temple.

Shirley’s Temple is an Indica-dominant cross of Grape Pie x Cookies and Cream cultivated by THC Design. It has a fruity tart flavor with an aroma of grapes and yogurt. It’s perfect for sufferers of anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

The taste testing event was held at Another Studio in Culver City, CA. Shirley hosted her podcast before the event and interviewed Tik Tok star Doggface208.

After the interview, guests sampled Shirley’s Temple pre-rolls and flower, and noshed on lite bites and sweet treats provided by Drips Cheesecake. The drink of the night was Hollywood’s Shirley’s Temple Soda Pop mixed with Wiz Khalifa’s McQueen & The Violent Dog gin.

Thank you to the other sponsors Crave Disposable Official and Smoke Odor Candles.

We are excited for everyone to try Shirley’s Temple, coming to you soon exclusively at Gorilla RX dispensary in Los Angeles, CA.

Photography by: Jessica Christian