THC Design x El Blunto

“At THC Design, we’ve been looking for the right blunt partner for some time,” said Ryan Jennemann, co-founder and CEO of THC Design. “Several other companies have approached us to make canna-cigars in the past, but no one has come close to El Blunto in terms of craftsmanship and quality. That, combined with their exclusive use of full flower that is broken by hand, will give smokers optimal flavor and an experience that meets the high standards that THC Design fans have come to expect. These will be the best blunts on the market.”

“We are delighted to be collaborating with THC Design to offer customers a one-of-a kind smoking experience. Their flower has been one of my long-time favorites.” Said Q. Ladraa, founder and CEO at Albert Einstone’s, El Blunto’s parent company. “We identify deeply with their inclusive message and their ceaseless pursuit of quality. The marriage of top-shelf THC Design bud and our hand-crafted, luxury techniques will be a true treat for cannabis lovers.”

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