THC Design X Graffiti Library

GL 14

THC Design X Graffiti Library Event

As an established cultivator in California, we have been immersed in the heart and center of California cannabis culture for quite some time now. Through our creation of cannabis we have been able to connect with all types of creators who utilize our flower as a tool for their art. We recently aligned with a group called Graffiti Library.

Graffiti Library is a liaison for artists and consumers. A brand that houses artists, exposes them to new opportunities and oversees the business side of deals. Giving artists more freedom to do what they do best, create.

Whether through cannabis or art…our visions are all aligned. THC Design and Graffiti Library are committed to being a positive influence in the community by bringing people together through ongoing projects and events.

Graffiti Library’s first artist event was nestled deep in the Hollywood Hills, with a Halloween twist. (And let us tell you, it was just as dope as it sounds.) We were excited to collaborate and be a part of the private event and looking forward to future ones.

Featured Artists: