THC Design, Houseplant, and Tical in the Hollywood Reporter

We love the brands we work with:

“Ryan Jennemann, CEO of L.A.-based craft flower cultivator THC Design — which provides product for Houseplant and Method Man’s Tical brand — claims Rogen has the potential to helm the biggest star-owned brand in the market, and not just because of the star’s deep personal investment (“Each flower has to go to Seth and Evan for them to personally smoke and give the OK,” says Jennemann). While the cannabis market is dominated by corporations, and celebrity brands make up “a very, very, very small percentage of cannabis sales,” says Jennemann, that could change if cannabis is legalized at the federal level. (Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that ending cannabis prohibition is a priority this year.)

With a brand like Houseplant, says Jennemann, “[consumers] know who you are in Florida, they know who you are in New York,” so if and when producers are able to ship over state lines, “people are going to be comfortable with a name they recognize when they’re buying cannabis for the first time.”

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