Skywalker OG 2.0 Launch Event

THC Design recently hosted an event to celebrate the launch of Skywalker OG 2.O. Skywalker  OG 2.0 is an Indica‑dominant cross of Skywalker x Chemdawg 91. Featuring δ‑Limonene, β‑Myrcene, and Linalool as its dominant terpenes, it has a hoppy, lemon‑lime flavor with subtle  notes of lavender and basil. With THC levels around 34‑35%, this is a suitable choice for  sufferers of anxiety, inflammation, pain, and insomnia. 

The event was at an outdoor space in Downtown Los Angeles, and the theme was Star Wars.  Costumes encouraged! Artist KRAP created a Skywalker themed graffiti wall and photo op area  and Star Wars films were projected on the walls. THC Design brand ambassadors doled out  Skywalker OG 2.0 pre-rolls to guests.  

Our guests noshed on tacos and quesadillas while drinking Star Wars themed drinks such as  “Blue Milk”. The event was sponsored by two infused beverage companies. Pabst Labs provided light and refreshing seltzers that are made with real juice and California cannabis.  MyHi is a premium, water-soluble THC powder delivered in a convenient Stir STIK that elevates any beverage.  

The event was MC’d by artist, host and influencer Smith Worldwide. He ran and judged the Star  Wars costume contest. All of the winners went home with 1 ounce of THC Design premium cannabis.  

Guests danced the night away to beats by DJ Jesse Brooks, DJ David Hopper and DJ Payam  and had light saber battles. Every guest went home with a gift bag that contained 1/8th of  Skywalker OG 2.0, a Skywalker OG 2.0 1 gram pre-roll, THC Design swag and Star Wars stickers.  

Thank you to all who attended this memorable event!