THC Design Named “Best Pre-Roll” In California 2023

Best Pre Roll Cover

THC Design’s pre-rolls named one of the best pre-rolls in California by Weedmaps and 10Buds.

From Weedmaps:
“THC Design’s weed typically provides a smooth smoking experience with a nice taste. The brand is most known for its Crescendo flower, but its RS#11 pre-roll is an amazing way to try what will surely be one of the most popular strains of 2023. If you like old-school strains or Jack Herer genetics, the XJ-13 is a nice blast from the past, too. You can get THC Design pre-rolls as singles or in 5-packs.”

Please find the full article by Dante Jordan HERE.

From 10Buds:
“THC Design’s line of flavorful, evenly-burning pre-rolls is made with the company’s own collection of responsibly and sustainably estate-grown, single-sourced premium indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Each pre-roll contains .6 grams of pure flower, wrapped in a minimal amount of paper and packaged in a stylish, 100% recycled cardboard tray. THC Design is a Los Angeles-based, female-owned company operating under a social equity license with a commitment to diversity, sustainability, advocacy, and cannabis education – even publishing a book and a video series of helpful information for cannabis growers. THC Design’s pre-rolls are available at dispensaries throughout California.”

Please find the full article HERE.

Thank you to Weedmaps and 10Buds for this great honor!