‘IN THE KITCHEN’ back to BELLY BOMBZ – Infused Brown Butter Ice Cream

Infused Brown Butter Ice Cream

The THC Design team headed back to Belly BombZ for another episode of ‘IN THE KITCHEN’ and brought with us a shatter extract of our #EstateGrown Dosido. Last time Albert treated us to his amazing Spice Garlic Parmesan Wings infused with distillate made from our XJ-13 and it was only right we went back for dessert!

Belly BombZ now serves ice cream! We put Alberts new ice cream maker to the test as he whipped up some infused Brown Butter Ice Cream. WARNING: this video will make your mouth water.

Founded in 2012, Belly Bombz made its start at a farmers market in Long Beach. And through words of encouragement from weekend regulars, they quickly expanded and opened their first food truck. Five years later and after thousands of belly’s served, Belly Bombz now has a brick and mortar location in Artesia where you can experience their expanded menu, good music, craft brew, and watch the game. Give them a follow on Instagram @bellybombz and be sure to stop by if you’re in their area.

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