THC Design High Times Harvest Cup

We brought the Estate to this years High Times Harvest Cup in Southern California. As the presenting sponsor at this years event, our goal was to give you the THC Design Experience and we didn’t hold anything back. In each dome, was a unique experience. From infused foods in the Cafe with Chef Oz, our Trim Dome where you could trim your own eighth, and in the shop where we had a vape tasting of our strains with VapeXHale. It was also great to see THC Design Founder, Ryan Jennemann, came out and taught a ‘Clone to Veg Transplant Class’ and participants got to walk away with a clone straight from the Estate. Then at 4:20 both days we handed out 420 Pre-Rolls to spark up when the clock struck.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the THC Design Village and be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with new strain releases, future events, and a lot more as we continue “Forging the Future of Cannabis”.