What is Humulene Terpene? Strains, Benefits, and Effects

If you’ve used cannabis or spent any time around it in the past, you’ll know that it has quite a distinctive odor. But have you ever stopped to wonder what causes that unique aroma? Well, it’s all because of natural compounds called terpenes, and the humulene terpene is one of them.

The humulene terpene is found in the plant matter of cannabis plants, as well as various herbs and flowers. And in this guide, we’ll take a look at what humulene is and what humulene effects you need to know about.

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What is Humulene Terpene?

We’ll begin with a simple definition and an answer to the question “What is the humulene terpene?” Humulene, which has also been known under other names like alpha humulene, beta-caryophyllene, and α caryophyllene, is one of the 100+ terpenes in cannabis plant matter.

Like other terpenes, alpha humulene is a natural compound that gives off a certain scent – specifically, it’s responsible for the earthy and woody aroma associated with cannabis. It’s also found in hops, which are used to make beers.

What Does Humulene Smell/Taste Like?

Before we look at any humulene terpene effects or benefits, you might like to know how to recognize this particular terpene. Well, humulene is often regarded as one of the key ingredients that make beer taste bitter and “hoppy”.

So, if you’ve spent any time in a brewery or have an affinity for craft beer, you might be familiar with the scent of this terpene. If not, it generally has a kind of bitter and woody scene, with a faint note of spice.

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Effects and Benefits of Humulene

In the past, it was believed that terpenes were only responsible for giving plants their scents and flavors. However, research has since revealed that terpenes can have a plethora of benefits and uses, including medicinal and even industrial applications.

Read on to find out about the main humulene terpene effects, benefits, and functions.

Humulene Terpene Effects

Studies are ongoing into the effects of humulene and how it works. It doesn’t function like a cannabinoid, so it can’t interact with CB receptors and affect the endocannabinoid system, but research has shown that it can still produce or trigger a variety of effects in the human body, including:

  • The ability to fight against and even kill cancer cells 
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties to soothe aches and inflammation 
  • The power to kill or repel certain kinds of bacteria
  • Appetite-suppressant properties to make people feel less hungry

In addition, it’s also believed that terpene can provide a contribution to the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the name given to the phenomenon of terpenes and cannabinoids combining to produce more potent effects when consumed together.

Humulene Benefits

In real human terms, here are some of the main benefits of humulene:

  • It could help fight cancer – The anti-cancer properties of this terpene could make it a useful tool in the battle against different forms of cancer.
  • Therapeutic advantages – Since this terpene can help to alleviate pain and inflammation, it can ease the suffering of people with chronic conditions.
  • Weight loss and eating disorders – Due to its role as an appetite suppressant, humulene may also help individuals who want to lose weight or control their eating disorders.

Humulene Terpene Uses

Since humulene plays such a big part in giving beer its unique scent and flavor, it’s a key ingredient for brewers and beer-makers around the world. It can also feature in certain essential oils, adding to their aromas and possibly being used for aromatherapy. However, the main use for this terpene is in the field of healthcare.

As shown in the lists of humulene effects and benefits, humulene can play a key role in various forms of treatment and therapy. It could be an aid in the battle against cancer, while also providing pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and even appetite suppression to help people with various health conditions or to aid with weight loss.

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Cannabis Strains High in Humulene

We’ve seen some of the key health benefits associated with humulene, but where can you find this terpene? Which cannabis strains are high in humulene? Let’s take a look at a few humulene strains that cannabis connoisseurs might like to try.

  • Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) – One of the most famous types of cannabis and one of the top humulene strains, GSC is known for its anti inflammatory properties.
  • Ice Cream Cake – This is an Indica-heavy cannabis strain that is known for sedative effects to promote a relaxed, calm state.
  • Death Star – Boasting high levels of both THC and humulene, this unique strain is famed for its rather strong psychoactive effects. 
  • Headband – This is more of a relaxing, soothing strain than some of the others on the list and has quite low amounts of THC.
  • Candyland – Known for its high concentrations of THC, this strain has a classic humulene smell, with earthy and spicy notes.

What Makes Humulene Special

There are lots of terpenes in cannabis plants, but humulene is certainly one of the most interesting of all. It’s one of the main terpenes that give cannabis its famous smell, and it also has some fascinating therapeutic and medical benefits that could be put to great use in the future to help a lot of people.