Best Hiking in Southern California

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The Hollywood Sign Hike

Nothing says California like a trip up to its quintessential landmark, the Hollywood Sign. This hike will take you through the Hollywood Hills, past the old Batcave from 60’s TV and up behind the Hollywood Sign.

Devils Punchbowl

On the other side of Mt Baldy in the town of Pearblossum there is a park called Devil’s Punchbowl that was created by the movement ofthe Earth thousands of years ago. The landscape has rocks that jut up from underneath the ground and provide a rare beauty that looks out-of-place next to the surrounding desert. The rocks can be climbed or just enjoyed, depending on your preference. It makes for a unique place to spend an afternoon with plenty of additional hiking trails.

Mt Baldy

There are great summits in Southern California like San Gorgonio and Cucamonga Peak. But for me it doesn’t get better then Mt Baldy. For the people only wanting the experience, you can take the tram to the top and walk the 8 miles round trip to the summit; however, for the hardcore you can take the Ski Hut Trail. This trail, while only 8 mile, will take you up and back over 4000 feet of elevation — a true grind. The view from the summit is second to none. A must-hike in Southern California.

The Slot in Anza Borrego

Located in the often overlooked Anza Borrego State Park, the slot hike brings you down into a slot canyon and lets you walk along it for about a mile. At some points the canyon get so small you have to go sideways to get through, as the ceiling continues to rise until you are at about 75 feet below the canyon wall.

Bridge to Nowhere

One of the most popular hikes in Southern California, this hike to the famous bridge will take you 5 miles back and forth across multiple river crossings to reach a bridge that was seemingly built in the middle of nowhere. This bridge was actually part of a road at one point in time, but now since the road has washed away it is just a bridge all by itself. Oh yea, and you can bungee jump off of it! A great hike for the summer as you are bound to get wet.

Barker Dam in Joshua Tree

Barker Dam is one of the easier hikes on the list, it is about a mile and a half loop. The beauty of this hike is not to be underestimated though. There are hundreds of rocks you can climb on, a dry creek bed, old history from cattle ranchers and even Indian petroglyphs at the end.

El Escorpion Canyon Park

El Escorpion Canyon Park is a 2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near West Hills, California that features a cave and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, rock climbing, and birding and is accessible year-round.