Cannabis to heal the people,
People to heal the planet.

In 2022, we are
shifting the paradigm.

We’ve reimagined our 1/8th jar to reduce our use of plastic and be
more environmentally friendly.

Our new jar lids are made from sustainably-sourced bamboo and our jars made entirely from silica (glass), one of the most abundant materials on earth. The labels on our jars and boxes are printed with non-toxic inks and our boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

THC Design Packaging Image 1
THC Design Packaging Image 2
THC Design Jar Bambo Image

Every piece of plastic ever created
is still here. Plastic doesn’t go away.

It merely breaks down into microplastics, which we now know has made its way into our food supply and even our bodies. It is past time for us as a society to move away from the use of plastic whenever possible.

But we know that eliminating our use of plastic and working with recycled materials isn’t enough. That’s why we are committed to becoming the first carbon neutral indoor cannabis operation in the world. Through the use of renewable energy and carbon offsets, we plan to not just be carbon neutral, but eventually carbon negative.

THC Design Jar Single

Our Prepackaged
Cannabis Jars

Our pre-packaged cannabis jars are single-sourced flowers, responsibly grown using sustainable practices, hand-trimmed, and thoroughly inspected to ensure every bud meets stringent standards, with each eighth weighing 3.5 grams per jar.

THC Design Pack Jar Image