We are proud to announce that we are working to become the
world’s first carbon negative, indoor cannabis company.

THC Design Carbon Offset Jar

Through the use of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and carbon offsets, we are making big strides towards not just being carbon neutral, but eventually carbon negative and climate positive.

This will be an ongoing process and we are still learning and evolving. We know that we’re not there yet, but we want you to know we are working on it.

We feel that the climate crisis is the most critical threat humans and the planet face today and that’s why we are making big changes company-wide to not just change how we operate but to accurately calculate and periodically audit our footprint, reduce our use of plastic, and focus on using recycled and sustainably sourced materials whenever possible.

An environmental impact study conducted by Colorado State University and published in the journal Nature in 2020, found that indoor cannabis cultivation in Colorado had a larger carbon footprint than the Colorado coal industry. It was eye-opening to say the least. So we’ve used their carbon footprint calculator to get an estimate of where we likely stand, but next year, we plan to take it even further…

We are hiring the author behind that study to visit our facilities and get an accurate accounting of exactly how big our footprint is and his advice on what else we can do to get to zero and beyond.

THC Design Carbon Offset Pack

We are also reigniting our efforts for hands-on environmental initiatives with our team to go out into the world, get our hands dirty, and make a real, tangible, positive impact on cleaning up our beaches, waterways, grasslands, and forests.

Your feedback and advice is always welcome. Let us know how we can improve. Drop us an email at [email protected] and join our free membership club to find out how you can help.