THC Design X LBCA Long Beach Haze Drop Event

On November 8th, THC Design collaborated with the LBCA to host a meaningful event to mark the introduction of Long Beach Haze, our latest exclusive strain, coinciding with our recent relocation to the city of Long Beach. The occasion served as a warm invitation to the local community to join in celebrating these milestones.

Long Beach Haze stands out for its distinct terpene profile, containing β-Caryophyllene, δ-Limonene, and α-Humulene as its dominant terpenes. The strain boasts a sweet, fruity, and funky taste with hints of grape, sweet cherry, mint, and lemon. This fast-acting and heavy-hitting strain has uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing effects and is a suitable choice for sufferers of anxiety, inflammation, and lack of appetite.

The atmosphere of the party, adorned with nautical-themed decorations, was complemented by the rhythmic tunes of the talented Disco Tech DJ, creating an upbeat and engaging ambiance. Attendees savored tacos and beach-themed beverages, adding a delectable touch to the festivities.

Guests had the opportunity to capture memorable moments at the step and repeat photo backdrop. Additionally, a distinct weed bar allowed attendees to roll joints or enjoy a bong rip, enhancing their personalized cannabis experience. An usherette also circulated among the crowd, offering joints to ensure everyone could partake in the celebration. 

Notably, a portion of the sales proceeds from Long Beach Haze were dedicated to supporting the LBCA, a leading cannabis advocacy organization. This commitment reflects THC Design’s profound dedication to community engagement and social responsibility.

As a token of appreciation, each guest received a thoughtfully curated gift bag featuring an 1/8th of Long Beach Haze, a Long Beach Haze 1-gram pre-roll, and THC Design merchandise.

THC Design expresses sincere gratitude to all attendees whose presence contributed to making this event truly unforgettable.