THC Design X Cannabis Supper Club 420 Event

THC Design recently hosted an event in Downtown Los Angeles with the Cannabis Supper Club called “Flavors of 420” to celebrate 420 and the latest limited edition drop from THC Design, Guava Gas.

Guava Gas is an Indica cross of Zkittles X LCG 2. Coming in at 31.57% Cannabinoids, this dark purple plant features Linalool, β-Myrcene and δ-Limonene as its dominant terpenes. It has a gas and cream taste with a lavender, basil and citrus smell and notes of sweet guava and cloves. The effects are calming and euphoric and it offers relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.

The incredible eight course infused pairing menu was created and artfully executed by three “Chopped 420” champions: Chef Wendy Zeng, Chef Chris Binotto and Chef Victor Aguilera. Each course was paired with a THC Design cultivar: Guava Gas, Garlic Cocktail or Cake N’ Bake.

Thank you to all who attended and to our sponsors – Pabst High Seltzer, Substance USA, The PowerHitterCo, Truffle Cartel The Farmaceuticals Company, Six Star Cattle Co. and Zenco.