THC Design Wins Best Pre-Roll
In LA Weekly Cannabis Competition

THC Design’s Garlic Cocktail pre-rolls won best pre-roll in California in LA Weekly’s Desert Smoke-Off Cannabis Competition. Garlic Cocktail is an indica-dominant cross of GMO and Mimosa, with earthy notes of clove and anise and an orange-tangerine-citrus finish. Its dominant terpenes are β-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and β-Myrcene. Our unique pheno comes from seeds we popped from Uprising Seed Co. and it is a perfect strain for pain relief and inflammation without the typical sedative qualities of most indica-dominant strains

“PREROLLS – Winner THC Design Garlic Cocktail – THC Design reminded us again why farmdirect prerolls are the way to go with their symphony of terps in Garlic Cocktail. It would be fair to say these checked the box as number one in every aspect but innovation. But who needs new tech when the pot is this good!? Not you, Garlic Cocktail will get you absolutely ripped.”

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Thank you to Jimi Devine and LA Weekly for the honor!