THC Design Wins at the Farmers Cup 420 Awards

We are excited to announce that THC Design has won five prestigious awards at the Farmers Cup 420 Awards in San Diego in the licensed flower category! The awards won were:

Best Flavor – THC Design Garlic Cocktail
Best Packaging – THC Design
Best Appearance – THC Design Garlic Cocktail
Best Aroma – THC Design Garlic Cocktail
Farmers Cup People’s Choice Awards 1st Place Flower – THC Design Garlic Cocktail

Garlic Cocktail is an Indica cross of GMO and Mimosa, with earthy notes of clove and anise and an orange-tangerine-citrus finish. It is the perfect strain for pain relief and inflammation without the typical sedative qualities of most indica strains.

Thank you to the Farmers Cup team and to all who voted and congratulations to our cultivation team