THC Design Named “America’s Hottest Cannabis of 4/20 2023” by Leafly

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THC Design was recently named “America’s Hottest Cannabis of 4/20 2023” by Leafly. The article highlighted two of our latest special limited edition drops, Blue Cherry Gelato and Dragon Fruit.

From Leafly:

“Big in 2022, surging in 2023, America will smoke a lot Lemon Cherry Gelato this 4/20. And why not? Gelato is the Barry Bonds of weed. Of course Lemon Cherry hits home runs. LCG has chill, indica hybrid effects and Gelato terps—there’s never a bad time for it. Try to get the top-shelf stuff like THC Design’s new Blue Cherry Gelato (Blue Nerdz x Lemon Cherry Gelato).” – David Downs

“That Dragon Fruit from THC Design in California is a smooth daytime smoke for consumers of all levels. The strain was bred by Exotic Genetix (shout out Mike), and is a cross of Tropic Truffle and Grease Monkey. The result produces a flower that smells floral like lavender and tastes sweet like candy, with lingering citrus and pine notes. You can expect the Dragon Fruit to feel euphoric, aroused, and energetic, making it a great strain for a night out on the town or a night in with a significant other (wink wink). You can smoke it throughout the day to get things done, without the existential dread of a modern-day creative. Grab some and celebrate your 4/20 accordingly.” –Dante Jordan

Thank you to David Downs, Dante Jordan and Leafly for the honor!