THC Design Halloween At The Emerald Village

THC Design participated in a groundbreaking cannabis event this year that took place on Halloween. Adjacent to the iconic West Hollywood Halloween Carnival on Santa Monica Boulevard, Emerald Village, the central hub of cannabis culture in the city, hosted the remarkable Harvest Haunt, representing L.A.’s premier licensed cannabis gathering in a public space. This event coincided with the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, transforming the block into a cannabis enthusiast’s paradise.

Featuring 8 dispensaries, 30 distinct cannabis encounters, and over 150 acclaimed brands, this recent happening provided an unparalleled way to enhance Halloween celebrations in WeHo.

The event showcased a cannabis cocktail bar presenting specially-themed drinks and an extensive array of cannabis products available for immediate purchase and consumption at the location. DJ Ben and DJ Paulo Ramirez set the vibrant musical tone for the event, while a standout drag show was hosted by Jasmine Masters of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

At this event, THC Design partnered with DART to distribute our premium Confidential OG and Skywalker OG strains to guests, utilizing the cutting-edge DART One Hitters. These sophisticated tools feature a chamber holding 0.15g of flower, enhancing the one-hitter experience with durable anodized metal and a clever spring-loaded ash removal system.

Confidential OG is an Indica cross of two legendary cultivars, LA Confidential x OG Bubba Kush. With δ-Limonene, β-Caryophyllene, and Linalool as its dominant terpenes, it has notes of citrus and pine with a dank, skunky, gassy finish that is classic Kush.

Skywalker OG 2.0 is an Indica cross of Skywalker x Chemdawg 91. Featuring δ-Limonene, β-Myrcene, and Linalool as its dominant terpenes, it has a hoppy, lemon-lime flavor with subtle notes of lavender and basil.

THC Design also partnered with local cannabis dispensary Off The Charts West Hollywood for the event. Off The Charts & THC Design ran a BOGO sale in honor of the event; every person who bought an 1/8th of THC Design premium Cannabis got 1 gram for 3¢.

The THC Design team also handed out swag including our new rolling trays and ashtrays to partygoers. Guests enjoyed playing the spinning wheel game while learning more about the brand. And of course, Halloween candy was involved!

The event was an overwhelming success, delivering both enjoyment and a historic milestone for the cannabis community. THC Design is proud to have played a role in this event, contributing to its triumph and emphasizing the enjoyment and advantages experienced by all participants.