Cannabis Pre-Rolls for First-Time Users

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. One of the most popular is to smoke it, often in a joint. For newbies to the use of cannabis one of the most challenging tasks to learn is how to roll their own joint. It takes a bit of know-how to get it right.

Luckily for first-time users of marijuana, some joints are already made for them that they can buy. These are called pre-rolls. For people who have trouble with their hands such as with arthritis, pre-rolls are a perfect solution. They are also beneficial when you need to have a joint ready for an occasion such as going to a concert.

Different ways to Smoke and Consume Cannabis

There are quite a few different ways to consume cannabis. The most popular is through smoking, usually as a joint. Other means of smoking marijuana include using hand pipes, water pipes, blunts, and hookahs.

Joints can either be homemade or pre-rolled store bought. The pre-rolls are an excellent choice for first-time cannabis users. They are a one-time delivery device made of specially crafted paper that comes in several different types of materials including hemp, bamboo, rice, flax, wood pulp, and 100 % plant cellulose.

Vaporization is another form of consuming cannabis. Often used in commercial vaporizers, and vape pens, cannabis oil is heated by the device creating vapors that are inhaled. The cannabis oil can be added directly to the vaping device, or a pre-filled canister can be used.

Dabbing is a newer way to smoke marijuana. A drop of the oil is placed on a heated nail. The heat causes the oil to become a vapor which is trapped in a glass tube and inhaled.

Cannabis can also be ingested. The oil can be used to cook with just like any cooking oil. The buds and the plant can be used in recipes and added to foods. It can also be mixed into a tincture. This is a liquid cannabis extract that is mixed in with an alcohol base, vinegar, or glycerol. Often three or four drops of the cannabis tincture are placed under the tongue.

Topical creams, moisturizers, and lotions are a way to get the benefits of cannabis without the high. It’s often used this way to treat skin conditions such as acne or to relieve localized pain. A warm and sensual way to use a topical form of the substance is with a cannabis massage oil candle. This is a specialized candle made with soy wax, body butter, oils, and essential oils. It not only smells delicious but when the flame heats the candle, it melts into soothing massage oil.

Differences between Cannabis Papers

Cannabis rolling papers are commonly made from materials such as hemp, rice, wood pulp, and bamboo. The best papers have a good burn rate, fewer chemicals, and they are easy to roll. The papers come in different sizes. Generally, the dimensions include a single sheet, 1.04 inch, 1.50 Inch, double, and king.

Single wide is the smallest size of paper and can be difficult to roll for first-time users. It makes a small, tight joint. King sized is the largest rolling paper. It makes a large joint, suitable for a group of friends to enjoy together. The king size lasts longer and has more ventilation for inhaling the smoke.

The three most popular types of paper are wood pulp, rice, and hemp. Out of the three, the wood pulp is used the most. The paper is bonded with fibers and has a texture that is a bit thicker than the other papers, holds its shape well, and is easy to handle. It comes in a white bleached paper and an unbleached brown stock. The burn rate of a wood pulp rolling paper is medium.

Rice paper is one of the thinner papers. It’s made of all-natural materials, has a minimal after-taste, and a slow burn rate. The material being more delicate and smoother, rice paper is harder to handle, not an excellent choice for first-time users.

Hemp rolling paper is made from industrial hemp, an eco-friendly product. It’s thicker than the rice but thinner than the wood pulp. It has a delicate after-taste and a medium burn rate. The texture is thicker for easier rolling. Another excellent choice for beginners.

Flavored papers can add a unique taste to your smoke. They do burn more quickly but can be used to enhance marijuana that may be a bit dried out or not of the best quality. Cigarette rolling papers can also be used to make a joint. The papers are very similar and can be interchanged. Tobacco can be added to marijuana to give it a nicotine boost.

How to Make Cannabis Pre-rolls (guide)

Depending on your personal preference, there are as many ways to roll a joint as there are rolling papers. If you’re rolling cannabis for the first time, a thicker paper is better. One made out of wood-pulp is a good one to start with. The texture of the paper is easy to handle.

  1. The first step is to prepare your cannabis. Crush your marijuana to a smooth, even consistency. You can use a grinder, your fingers, or scissors. Make sure there are no lumps or wood-like pieces.
  2. Your rolling paper should have a natural crease down the middle. Hold one end firmly with your fingers. Line the crease with your cannabis mixture.
  3. Pinch the paper between your fingers and thumbs, slowly roll it back and forth to pack down the marijuana into the correct shape.
  4. Smooth out the cannabis inside the paper using your fingers
  5. Tuck the paper into the unglued side, underneath to the back, and roll it up.
  6. Slightly dampen the glue either by licking or with a moist cloth and seal the paper
  7. Pack down the marijuana inside the paper at the open end with a pencil, key, stick, or other objects.
  8. Fold down the open ends or twist up and your joint is done. Pre-rolled and ready for when you need it.