Showgrower’s Reserve by THC Design

THC Design has teamed up with ShowGrow this holiday season with the launch of the Stash Box, Thursday.

ShowGrow created the Stash Box, which is an artisanal box curated with their favorite items and cannabis brands.

The Stash Box includes an eighth of flower, pre-rolls, a vape cartridge and battery, edibles, a glass pipe and a few other goodies including a featured collaboration with THC Design.

ShowGrow’s Stash Box

The dispensary gives back by supporting and featuring a local artist’s work. Each box is covered by distinctive artwork by an artist in the community.

“We try to look out for someone who is really unique. We’re about cultivating change and being with the community,” said Nakisa Motamedi, Vendor Liaison for ShowGrow.

The featured artist for the second edition box is @joon_the_goon, who lives in Long Beach and mixes digital and acrylic art.

THC Design collaborated with ShowGrow and created the Showgrower’s Reserve, which can be found in the Stash Box.

The Showgrower’s Reserve is made specifically for ShowGrow and their customers. It has a custom designed black cap unlike THC Design’s trademark purple one. This month’s highlighted strain is the estate grown Member Berry. This hybrid has a sweet and tart citrus flavor and has heavy, long-lasting effects.

“Although all our product is top-shelf, the Showgrower’s Reserve is a premium line of cannabis.  It’s the best bud off the best plant, hand selected and hand picked,” said Sammy Gengler, Grower for THC Design.

“It’s comparable to going to a farmer’s market and getting the best produce that farmer has to offer,” she said.

THC Design’s Showgrower’s Reserve

The partnership formed because the two company’s values align. ShowGrow showcases high end products and provides a non-traditional approach to cannabis. They are creative and fun but also extremely classy and professional.

The Stash Box is valued at $200 but will be sold for only $100 and is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season.