THC Design X Kings Of Weightlifting Fundraising Event

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THC Design recently hosted a fundraising event with 501c non-profit Kings of Weightlifting. The Kings of Weightlifting is a program that offers a free after school program designed to reach the children of the South Central Los Angeles community. By bringing awareness to today’s youth about weightlifting, cross fit, and nutrition, the Kings of Weightlifting are striving to make a difference, one kid at a time.

The primary focus for the Kings of Weightlifting is to provide mentorship to LA’s underprivileged youth. This program is designed to help kids succeed by helping them to complete their homework and making sure it has been done before any extracurricular activities begin. The Kings of Weightlifting after school Mentors will establish solid lines of communication with teachers and school officials and provide a safe place for kids to go after school to learn valuable lessons about life, fitness, nutrition and of course, weightlifting.

The Kings Of Weightlifting was founded by longtime THC Design fan and friend Derrick Johnson. Johnson is an American record holder, All-American, and a weightlifting champion with over 30 international and national titles in a career that has spanned decades. Derrick is also a World Class Coach that has worked with Olympians, Professional and Amateur Athletes and is the Founder of The Kings of Weightlifting.

The event took place at Paramour Speakeasy in downtown Los Angeles. The bar was sponsored by Casa Rica Tequila and Santa Monica Brew Works. The food was sponsored by Tocaya Modern Mexican restaurant.

The event was hosted by celebrity co-hosts, real life couple and reality TV stars, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. At the beginning of the night THC Design co-founder and head of sales Jairia Pass presented Heidi with a birthday bouquet with fresh Crescendo flowers.

As the night went on there were three performances by Sumi Krishnan, Sahmara and Rainee Blake.

The end of the night culminated with a raffle, with all proceeds going to benefit Kings Of Weightlifting. Two large THC Design flower and swag baskets, 5 ounces of THC Design flower, a Pratt Daddy Crystal gift basket and a year supply of Native Path collagen protein were raffled off to guests.

All guests went home with a THC Design gift bag which contained swag as well as one of our newest cultivars, Confidential OG. Confidential OG is an Indica‑dominant cross of two legendary cultivars, LA Confidential x OG Bubba Kush. With δ‑Limonene, β‑Caryophyllene, and Linalool as its dominant terpenes, it has notes of citrus and pine with a dank, skunky, gassy finish that is classic Kush.

Thank you to our team, sponsors and all who bought a ticket and donated to benefit this worthwhile cause.