THC Design
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A profile of THC Design and an interview with our CEO Ryan Jennemann is featured in Forbes this month. Thank you to Lindsey Bartlett from Forbes for the article!

“Since its creation in 2015, THC Design has been heralded as one of the sleekest cannabis brands in California. It’s products are awe-inducing, matching and raising the bar for consumer products across any industry. This is why THC Design has become one of the most popular weed brands in California.

THC Design was founded by Jairia Pass, now Head of Sales, and Ryan Jennemann, CEO. The duo are a creative force within the industry with decades of combined cultivation experience between the two of them.

THC Design has gone on to offer consumer-beloved strains, including it’s most well-known Crescendo. The grow’s unparalleled quality even minted them a deal to cultivate cannabis for Houseplant. The sleek and sophisticated design of the company’s pre-roll packs gave it instant stardom in its hometown of Los Angeles. Jennemann said he stylized the THC Design joint packs after one of the classic old Dunhill cigarette cases from the early 19th century.

The company gets experimental in its genetics and R&D program. Many of the team’s favorite strains will get limited releases, including Glazed Apricot Gelato, Log Cabin, and a new strain Circus Animals, while unreleased strains offer data compiled into the brand’s extensive research library. There are between 75 and 125 different cultivars in the THC Design library. Only about 20 of those strains make it to the marketplace at any given time.

THC Design just re-launched its entire product packaging line to be biodegradable: glass featuring recycled plastic and a bamboo lid. The move reduced THC Design’s plastic usage by 85% to 90%. The single joint tubes moved from plastic to glass, and even the metal container for pre-rolled joints are recyclable. THC Design’s larger goal? To become the very first, fully carbon neutral, indoor-grown cannabis company in the world. The cultivation facilities are on their way, using a state-of-the-art water reclamation to help with climate woes in LA (water shortages and the state’s worst drought make this an increasingly important mission). Now, over 2/3 of its water used in the grow is reclaimed.

The brand’s newest offering is a diamond-infused pre-roll line, which gives consumers an extremely smooth and potent smoke with over 45% total cannabinoids. THC Design often welcomes the cannabis community to events centered on cannabis activism and social justice: a recent event called Pride At Paramour raised funds for the LGBTQIA+ community through the nonprofit Project Q. THC Design’s chic “speakeasy” event space found in its headquarters has one entrance literally hidden behind a bookcase.

I spoke with one of THC Design’s intrepid founders Jennemann on what the industry truly needs to compete with the unlicensed marketplace, how much R&D goes into testing the esteemed genetics that come out of this grow, and what the cannabis industry may look like in 5-years-time.”

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