THC Design
At San Diego Pride

On July 15th and 16th THC Design participated in San Diego Pride weekend. We teamed up with Jaxx San Diego, a black owned and LGBTQIA+ ran premium cannabis dispensary in Ramona, CA that serves San Diego and carries a variety of products to fit each unique lifestyle.

The event began on Friday night, July 15th at LGBTQIA + bar Awol Bar in San Diego. Each guest received a 1 gram pre-roll of either Crescendo, Kushlato or Garlic Cocktail cultivars.

Crescendo is a Sativa‑dominant hybrid that features the combined powers of a Chem Dawg, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies cross. The flavor comes straight from its Chem Dawg heritage, with a strong taste of diesel and earth, and a hint of citrus. The average THC level of 30-35% sounds heavier than it hits: the strong Sativa lean makes this a suitable morning or daytime smoke.

Kushlato is an Indica-dom cross of Gelato x Kush Mints, bred by our good friends at Seed Junky Genetics. Featuring δ‑Limonene, β‑Caryophyllene, and Linalool as its dominant terpenes, Kushlato has a complex flavor profile of spicy, citrus pine with subtle notes of cream, cinnamon, and lavender. This cultivar is a solid choice for sufferers of depression, anxiety, and inflammation.

Garlic Cocktail is an indica-dominant cross of GMO and Mimosa, with earthy notes of clove and anise and an orange-tangerine-citrus finish. Its dominant terpenes are β‑Caryophyllene, Limonene, and β‑Myrcene. Our unique pheno comes from seeds we popped from Uprising Seed Co. and it is a perfect strain for pain relief and inflammation without the typical sedative qualities of most indica-dominant strains.

On Saturday, July 16th the THC Design team walked in the pride parade which ran through downtown San Diego. We decorated a jeep with rainbow THC Design molecule logos and the team all wore special THC Design X Jaxx San Diego pride tee shirts. The team carried a purple banner that said “Love Is All” as well as giant paper joints. THC Design co-founder and head of sales, Jairia Pass rode on the back of the jeep wearing a rainbow dress while carrying a rainbow pride flag.

After the parade, THC Design participated in the pride festival along with Jaxx. An informational table with our book and swag was set up. Jaxx set up a spinning wheel of prizes which included THC Design’s hemp wicks and rolling papers.

Simultaneously, THC Design set up a flower bar at the consumption lounge at Awol Bar and was the sole flower provider for the event.

Thank you to Jaxx for partnering with us for this incredible event!