Sweet Flower X
THC Design

Sweet Flower, Los Angeles’ largest owned and operated cannabis retailer, and THC Design, one of California’s premier legacy cannabis brands, recently launched a co-branded product collaboration featuring THC Design’s timeless favorite, Crescendo, exclusively at all Sweet Flower stores on Saturday, July 2, with exclusive customer activations throughout the weekend.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Sweet Flower, one of our favorite retail partners in the state, because at every location they offer customers an elevated buying experience that’s led by intelligent, educated sales associates who know about cannabis and how to cater to the needs of the individual consumer. One of the biggest challenges the cannabis industry faces right now is educating the average shopper so that they can make informed decisions and know what they are buying and why, and Sweet Flower has been a strong ally for us from the beginning.” – Jairia Pass, Co-Founder and Head of Sales, THC Design.

Crescendo is the most well known cultivar from THC Design. The sativa dominant hybrid features a unique phenotype, and is a cross of Chem Dawg, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies. Crescendo has a mellow, smooth, and earthy flavor, known for delivering cerebral, non-sedating and uplifting effects suitable for any time of day.

This exclusive partnership builds on Sweet Flower’s deep understanding of the modern cannabis consumer and further establishes Sweet Flower as the most trusted cannabis retail chain in Southern California. “We intentionally chose THC Design as our partner in launching another Sweet Flower exclusive collaboration. We believe modern cannabis retail is local, based in community and is a partnership between brands and retailers. We chose Crescendo as our co-branded cultivar as it reflects the standards Sweet Flower and THC Design hold to: high quality, conscious and expert cultivation, and best-in-class brand standards.”- Michelle Mendoza, VP of Innovation at Sweet Flower.

To celebrate this collaboration, THC Design took over all of Sweet Flower’s locations over the July 4th weekend. Each location had an activation set up with swag and brand education. THC Design brand ambassadors and the Sweet Flower budtenders wore Sweet Flower X THC Design Crescendo tee-shirts for the occasion. Exclusive deals and promotions were offered as well as our signature candy cart. To read more about the collaboration please check out PR Newswire, Benzinga and AdWeek.