Protecting Your Grow From Contaminates | ‘Grow Girl’

There is an old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. The same holds true for your grow. Taking the necessary steps to  maintaining a clean grow space will reduce the risk of getting pests and disease.

Remember what goes into a plant will eventually end up in your body.

How do keep your grow clean?

Make sure to keep yourself clean

he main source of contaminants will come from your clothing and/or shoes. Start by washing your hands thoroughly and pulling back or covering loose hair. Be sure to wear clean clothing or a coverall when entering into your grow room. When handling plants, you will want to use pH balanced nitrile gloves. This keeps the harmful oils on your hands from damaging the plants.

Organize & clean your supplies

Give everything its own dedicated storage space. Organize and store your basic equipment like pots, buckets, shears, and gloves together; separate nutrients and cleaning supplies in a different area.

Regular equipment maintenance 

Dust naturally builds up in the cleanest rooms. Dust your grow space regularly to avoid build up on your plants as well as equipment.

Practice regular maintenance for the following equipment:

Grow Light: Grow lights can run up to 18 hours per day. Make sure to change your lamp regularly. We recommend changing your lamp once a year or after 6,500 hours of usage. Also, remove dust from the lamp and hood regularly.

Carbon Filter: The charcoal inside your filters become saturated over time and needs to be changed approximately once a year. Be sure to replace them as soon as you recognize that they are functioning incorrectly.


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