PCF Basketball Tournament

PCF Tournament 25 1 200x300

THD Design recently participated in the Patient Care First basketball tournament in Modesto, CA.

THC Design played two rounds of basketball while our brand ambassador team handed out swag to all attendees. THC Design also sponsored the Kona Ice Truck and treated everyone to shaved ice treats on the hot summer day.

At the complimentary cannabis bar, THC Design doled out Kushlato and Garlic Cocktail one gram pre-rolls.

Award-winning Garlic Cocktail is an indica-dominant cross of GMO and Mimosa, with earthy notes of clove and anise and an orange‑tangerine‑citrus finish. Its dominant terpenes are β‑Caryophyllene, Limonene, and β‑Myrcene. Our unique pheno comes from seeds we popped from Uprising Seed Co. and it is a perfect strain for pain relief and inflammation without the typical sedative qualities of most indica-dominant strains.

Kushlato is an Indica-dom cross of Gelato x Kush Mints, bred by our good friends at Seed Junky Genetics. Featuring δ‑Limonene, β‑Caryophyllene, and Linalool as its dominant terpenes, Kushlato has a complex flavor profile of spicy, citrus pine with subtle notes of cream, cinnamon, and lavender. This cultivar is a solid choice for sufferers of depression, anxiety, and inflammation.

Our CEO Ryan Jennemann, co-founder and head of sales Jairia Pass as well as THC Design’s director of sales Maggie Rabadi were all in attendance cheering on the THC Design basketball team.

Thank you to PCF for the great event! We loved participating, seeing old friends and meeting members of the community.