An Elevated Season Of Giving

Woodland Hills welcomed one of the newest luxury cannabis retail experiences in Los Angeles with the opening of Atrium, November 2018.

The shop is located right off the 101 Freeway and is hard to miss. Its giant glowing windows displaying a green cross invites visitors to take a look inside and explore their curiosity.

“This is a fancy place,” said an astonished customer upon entering the store. Atrium provides an “elevated” and unique experience, not previously seen with cannabis storefronts in the past.

There has been an offset of changes since the legalization of cannabis in early January. These new licenses have given business owners and investors a sense of security and stability, which evokes endless opportunities to create.

And people are creating grand and big things.

Described as the “Tiffany & Co.” of cannabis, Atrium’s luxury feel is apparent the moment you walk in. The rooms are filled with bright, natural light and decorated with lush green plants, white orchids and marble counters. The interior is clean, minimalistic and the store is simply beautiful.

Atrium provides a cannabis experience unlike the others. Customers are paired with their own salesperson, armed with an electronic tablet with information on all of the products they carry. The trained salesperson isn’t behind a counter, divided from visitors. They are side-by-side the customer walking them through the store, educating and building a more intimate relationship between the two. This creates a special experience for guests.

Although this is a luxury retail store, the prices don’t correlate with the average median income of the area, with Calabasas being a close neighbor.

“We price everything we have in store based on the competition, not off the median income. Not only is the place extremely nice but you can get stuff that is competitively priced, if not cheaper,” said Red Rodriguez, who works in Vendor Relations for the store.

THC Design attended the grand opening, showing support and educating guests about the estate grown company and the future of cannabis.

It was informative, fun and life changing for many, with some attendees previously opposed to or skeptical of the industry. Guests included the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce, social media influencers, cannabis brands and those living in the neighborhood.

Attendees received their own, take-home plant clones from THC Design. The company recently launched a series of YouTube videos, called Grow Girl, demonstrating how to grow cannabis in your home. The series features Co-Founder, Jairia Pass.

“It’s important for the community to see that we are supporting the positive side of cannabis. We’re trying to clean up the image of what cannabis is. We want to be associated with the clean cannabis market of 2018/2019 and Atrium defines the type of market and demographic that we want to be associated with and where we want cannabis to be,” said Founder and CEO of THC Design, Ryan Jennemann.

Businesses like Atrium and THC Design are pioneering the future of cannabis and creating a legacy.

“For the last decade we have been cultivating indoors. We’re very conscious of our impact on the environment, from water use, to electric use, to what we discharge down the sewer, combined with our integrative pest management techniques. On the genetic and nursery side we are constantly bringing in new genetics, basically new terpene and cannabinoid profiles that truly have a medical value,” said Jennemann.

THC Design is partnering with Atrium this first holiday season of legal weed and offering a “Get One, Give One” promotion.

For every THC Design 1/8th purchased, customers will receive a pre-roll joint for a dollar and Atrium will donate a THC Design blanket to the Los Angeles Fire Department or the Los Angeles Mission.

Not only is THC Design dedicated to forging the future of cannabis, the company also values community outreach, empowering and improving all the communities it operates in.  This holiday season’s “Get One, Give One” promotion is just one of many ways this forward thinking cannabis company gives back.